Craft Beer March 2023

Craft Beer March 2023

Check out the latest craft beers to land at the Argonaut! We stock the largest selection of cold beer & Colorado craft beer in Denver!

Dogfish Head - Citrus Squall - fruited strong golden ale

Dogfish Head has always been a brewery at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the brewing world. This beer lives up to that reputation, being the perfect storm of a double golden ale and a Paloma cocktail. It pours a cloudy, pale yellow / gold color with a small, fizzy white head. Huge grapefruit aromas burst from the glass, backed by sweet bready malts and a honey like quality most likely a result of the agave nectar added. The body and carbonation both sit at a medium level and the beer has a slightly crisp character. Bold grapefruit flavors hit your tongue up front followed by citrusy hops, semi-sweet bready malts and light agave nectar, which drops off fairly quickly and leads into that recognizable golden ale yeast quality. The lime zest finally comes through on the exhale along with the agave nectar resurfacing here. This is a refreshing beer that still packs a punch! Review by Dan Chacon

Eddyline - Surfea - fruited Mexican style lager

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a great Mexican-style lager from Eddyline Brewery, Surfea! Pouring with a foamy white head, this lager has a head that settles fast, and reveals a light straw yellow color. The nose is as light as the beer itself, with hints of lime carried over the scent of lager yeast. The first sip presents with a smooth carbonation and a light body. The palate is very crisp, and has that touch of lime from the nose, with the addition of a kiss of salt on the finish. At an easy drinking 4.5% abv, pick up a pack of Surfea, and you’ll be hanging 10 all summer long! Review by Jon Blankenship

Destihl - Pink Raspberry Lemonade - fruited kettle sour

Destihl always comes through with tasty flavor combinations for their rotating Wild Sour Series. This release is modeled after raspberry lemonade, and who doesn’t enjoy that? It pours a slightly cloudy reddish orange color with a medium-sized, fizzy, pink hued head. The nose delivers exactly what you’re expecting with a combination of semi-sweet raspberries and lemon with some bready malts and a moderate amount of tartness complimenting. It has a medium light body with a light, effervescent carbonation. The palate mirrors the nose exactly with the lemon flavors lingering a bit on the finish. Review by Dan Chacon

Crooked Stave - Aussie Summer - New England style hazy IPA

G'day. We’ll be taking a look at a refreshing juicy IPA from Crooked Stave, Aussie Summer! This beer pours with a thick white head that likes to linger in the glass, eventually settling into a pale, opaque yellow color. The nose is abundant with the hop medley used, and a well-rounded citrus presence in the background. Never getting too sweet or bitter, the flavor really comes together with the nose to form an IPA that is juicy and pleasant, while still having a good hop character. An instant favorite addition to a good summer rotational. Review by Jon Blankenship

Stone - Patio Magic - fruited double IPA

Stone Brewing consistently brews great IPAs. It is what they are known for, and this beer fits into that formula. It pours a cloudy golden / orange color with a large, dense and foamy, off-white head. On the nose you get citrusy and slightly resinous hops along with aromas of orange and hints of pine. The beer has a medium body with a medium light carbonation level and a slightly dry finish for a double IPA. Citrusy resinous hops and orange peel hit your tongue up front, followed by some light white grape notes that just soften the beer up a bit. Flavors of grainy malts and moderately bitter hops come through on the finish before dropping off into that slightly dry quality. This is a very well balanced IPA from a brewery that tends to brew hop bombs a lot of the time. Review by Dan Chacon

Denver Beer Co - Tangerine Yum Yum - fruited Kolsch

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a delicious addition to the Yum Yum line, Tangerine Yum Yum from Denver Beer Co! Pouring with an airy white head that settles quickly, this Kolsch has a distinct golden orange hue. With a nose that is overwhelmingly citrusy, this is a beer that is not shy with what it is about! Light bodied with a mellow carbonation, the flavor further leans into the bright and citrusy nature the name suggests, while still being wonderfully easy to drink and not too sweet. This is a crushable beer that is right on time to be the perfect addition to the coming warm weather. Review by Jon Blankenship

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