Craft Beer April 2023

Craft Beer April 2023

Looking for the very latest in craft beers? Argonaut has it! Did you know Argonaut has the largest selection of cold beer in Denver, & we get new craft beers every week! We're loving this latest round beers!

Mikkeller NYC - Passion Pool - fruited German style gose

Mikkeller is a Danish brewer that, for the longest time, was only a gypsy brewer. They now have a small brewery inside Citi Field in New York City, which is where this beer was produced. It pours a very lightly clouded, golden / yellow color with a large, fizzy white head. The nose is heavy with passion fruit aromas, backed by light sea salt and a citrus tartness. The body is medium light with a bright, medium level carbonation. Passion fruit hits your palate up front as well, although less bold than on the nose, followed by some lemon and light, grainy malts. The sea salt comes though towards the finish along with a moderately sour quality. Review by Dan Chacon

Ursula - Thiol Drive - thiolized double IPA

Today we try Thiol Drive, a thiolized double IPA from Ursula Brewing. If you are unfamiliar with the term “thiolized”, it refers to a yeast engineering process that transforms thiol precursors in order to release extra tropical and citrus aromas. This beer pours a hazy golden / orange color with a sudsy, off-white head. On the nose you get aromas of tropical and citrus as well as some stone fruits and pine. It is a medium bodied beer that has a smooth mouth feel. The palate is fruity as well with flavors of apricot, passion fruit, light berries, citrus peel, as well as some earthy and piney notes. This is a solid double IPA that is well balanced with nice, lingering, fruity and citrus notes. Review by Lee DeVore

Wiley Roots - Creamsicle Gose - fruited & flavored German style gose

Today we’ll be taking a look at a fun take on a warm weather classic, the Creamsicle Gose from Wiley Roots! A fairly heavy pour yields a small, off-white head, and a light hazy orange color in the glass. The scent is overflowing with fresh orange, as well as notes of vanilla coming through to round out the nose. The flavor is everything I wanted and more, with orange and creamy vanilla coming together to form the body of the creamsicle, all while maintaining the light drinkability of a gose. This is a nice summer treat that proves there is never a bad time for an orange creamsicle! Review by Jon Blankenship

DuClaw - Sweet Baby Banana! - fruited & flavored American porter

This is another variation of DuClaw’s ever-popular Sweet Baby Jesus porter, this time obviously, with the addition of banana flavors. Which works well since the flavors of peanut butter, chocolate and banana all taste great together. This beer pours a dark brown, almost black, color with a large, dense and foamy, light brown head. Peanut butter aromas hit your nose up front, followed by some lighter chocolate and banana, all backed by roasted dark malts. The body sits at a medium weight with a medium light carbonation level. On the palate, the roasted malts come through first, along with some coffee notes, followed by peanut butter and dark chocolate. The banana comes through lightly towards the end of the palate, and on the exhale, where the coffee notes also resurface, giving the beer a light bitterness here. Review by Dan Chacon

New Image - West Coast Pils - hoppy American pilsner

Today we try West Coast Pils, a hopped up, west coast style pilsner from New Image Brewing. This beer pours an almost crystal clear golden color with a large, fluffy, white head. On the nose you get aromas of citrus fruit, bready malts, and pine. It is light in body, fairly hoppy, but still finishes crisp as a pilsner should. The palate is almost exactly the same as the nose with flavors of orange and tangerine, citrus hops, bready / cracker malts and a slightly dank, piney note. This pilsner is crisp, hoppy, and crushable. It is really well brewed & you can definitely drink multiple. Review by Lee DeVore

Westfax - Shout - DDH New England style hazy IPA

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a local offering from Westfax Brewing Company, a double dry-hopped hazy IPA called Shout! This beer pours with a tall, white head that takes its time settling, and an opaque, hazy orange color in the glass. The aroma is bright and hoppy, featuring tropical fruits intermingled with the hop profile. The first taste of this medium-bodied beer is abundant with pineapple and fresh hops. It’s sweet at first, then it finishes with a nice, hoppy bite and a light lingering bitterness. Practically made for sunshine, this IPA will be great for a day of hanging out and catching some rays. Review by Jon Blankenship

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